Prenzlauer Berg

Prenzlauer Berg, affectionately named “pregnancy hill” for the abundance of baby carriages, isn’t all kitas and playgrounds. While arguably one of the most kid friendly districts, there is also an abundance of great bars, lively parks and impressive restaurants to visit. We’re only scratching the surface of gems in P. Berg or Prenzl Berg or Prenzlauer (official abbreviation undecided) but make these selections a starting point to explore the district only a short tram ride from Alexanderplatz.




Two American staples are diners and brunch. Nalu Diner combines them both with all day breakfast, refills on brewed coffee, and nostalgic decor from all across the US of A. If you’ve been searching for a relaxed gathering spot to squeeze into a booth and pile up a triple stack of pancakes covered in maple syrup this is the perfect spot. Make it a boozy brunch with a mimosa or bloody mary.

The restaurant offers lunch and dinner classics like burgers and BLTs as well as the diner classics of milkshakes and homemade pies. Stop in and check their lineup of special events like ‘nacho night’ or their showings of American sporting events.


Girls Night Out


Take a break from beers and gin and tonic and make some daring cocktail selections with your friends at Scotch and Sofa. This dashingly decorated and fully stocked bar offers every spirit imaginable from German whiskey to Japanese whiskey and cocktails from apple martini to Lindsay Lohan. Whether you want you’re starting or ending your night here, you’ll never run out of choices.

When it’s nice outside there are wooden tables set up out front but in cold weather the inside fills up pretty quickly. Head downstairs for an extra cozy area to relax in. But you may want to wait for seats at the bar as their bartenders make for some cute eye candy.


Date Night


The Zaza Cocktail Bar is your ideal date spot regardless of if the date is going well or not. Every day the restaurant offers a cocktail and long drink happy hour from 6:00pm to 8:00pm but the fun doesn’t stop there. As soon as the drink happy hour is over, the sushi happy hour begins and goes until 10:00pm.

Enjoy expertly mixed, and generally strong, martinis or mixed drinks then fill up on a delicious selection of sashimi or rolls. Rack up bonus points with your date and take him there on a night when the bar is showing sporting events on their large screen in the back. If the date goes well, the historic and string light lit Prater Biergarten is a short walk away to keep the night going.


Outdoor Activity


We know what you’re thinking, it isn’t warm enough yet to spend the day at the park, but Mauerpark isn’t your average park. No matter the day of the week, you’ll find graffiti artists at work quickly etching murals on the walls, Berliners playing futball or grilling on the grass and plenty of space for children and dogs to run wild. On weekends, there is a massive Flohmarkt featuring dozens of local vendors offering handmade crafts and antiques as well as a variety of local and international cuisines to choose from.

Once the weather gets warmer, mark your calendars on Sundays at 3pm – even earlier if you’re interested in sitting. Pack your shades (or umbrella knowing Berlin weather), grab some beers from a späti and head to the colosseum style area near the Eberswalder Str. entrance for the world renowned and wildly entertaining Sonntags Karaoke im Mauerpark. Until Bearpit Karaoke returns in the spring, get your fix at Karaoke Roulette with Jim Hatchiban on Saturday evenings.


Insider Tip


Berlin is one of the most vegan friendly places in Europe and why should döner options be any different? On Tuesdays from 16 to 22 Chaostherie offers the Berlin street food staple in two versions: DÖNER! which comes complete with seitan, red and white kraut, cucumber, tomato, and garlic sauce in a crispy flatbread or the DÖNERTELLER VERSACE which is all of the above plus fries.

Since the döners are sure to fill you up, return the next night for dessert. On Wednesdays, Chaostherie presents ‘MILCHWOCH’: a full day of fully vegan milkshake options. Salted caramel, blueberry cheesecake, strawberry basil… oh my!


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