Far enough from the city center not to be inundated with tourist but still cool enough to draw crowds, Neukölln is one of the most culturally diverse places in Berlin to visit. With the weather warming up and the activities moving outside, the sprawling district of Neukölln offers plenty of outdoor activities and distinct bars. Discover some of the spots that make a visit to Neukölln worth the trip:


Brunch Spot


This rustic cafe adorned with plants is well known for their breakfast food menu, breads with assorted delicious toppings and more. The seats at Roamers fill up pretty quickly and they don’t take reservations so be prepared to wait out in the sun for a table. And made clear by their window display, add coffee & booze to complete your meal.


Gather Your Girls


As soon as you enter Villa Neukölln you feel like you’re transported back in time. The cozy, retro bar hosts live music events and professional dancing throughout the month. Gather your girls and head there for a few drinks or to take in a live show. If it were us, we would call dibs on the lush velvet couch and arm chair combo right by the window.


Date Night


Looking for a date night idea that doesn’t involve grabbing drinks inside of a crammed and smoky bar but don’t want to risk an outdoor activity that will result in awkward silence? Get the best of both worlds at Hertzberg Golf. The biergarten and mini-golf hybrid offers a fun activity that can be playful and competitive while offering reasonably priced beers. It’s a great way to get to know your date (especially if he is a sore loser) and provides a buffer when the conversation breaks because you need silence during your back swing anyway.


Outdoor Activity


Templehofer Feld, the defunkt airport has been transformed into a hangout area for all of Berlin to enjoy. As the largest open space in the city your options for outdoor activities there are endless. Take a walk down actual runways, grab a beer at the bar on the far side of the field and lounge in their chairs or gather a group and grill up some lunch. Just please be respectful and clean up your trash when you go.


Berlinerin Favorite


If you’re looking for a place with 360 degree views of the city and don’t want to pay 20€ to go to the top of the Fernsehtrum, Klunkerkranich is the perfect choice. A favorite of visitors and locals alike, the bar has two levels of outdoor seating as well as an indoor area that has DJs on weekend nights and occasional live music or special events throughout the week. For first timers, it may be confusing to make it to the entrance but once you enter Rathaus Neukölln head to the elevator, press floor 5 and head to the left. Be aware that the later you arrive, the longer the queue and after certain hours on weekends or for special events there’s a cover to get in.

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