Just a quick hop, skip, tram ride and transfer to the U-Bahn away from Friedrichshain is the gritty district of Kreuzberg. The district Berliners love to hate has a seemingly never ending offering of things to do. From having a peaceful evening sitting on Admiralbrücke watching the sunset with a beer to getting hassled ten times before getting out of the Kottbusser U-Bahn, you can experience it all in Kreuzberg. The district has dozens upon dozens of restaurants, clubs, bars, outdoor spaces and cultural events to chose from but get started by checking out a few of our favorites.




There are very few brunch spots in Berlin that can master delicious coffee, a variety of hearty and delicious food options and a great selection of music but MINI does. The quirky and cozy cafe will charm you into visiting every Sunday with their ever changing mini cacti on each table and American comedy movie posters on the walls. Their menu also boast a solid offering of non-brunch items such as gourmet sandwiches and customizable charcuterie and cheese plates.

One of the staples of brunch is frequently missing from restaurant menus in Berlin but not only does MINI offer mimosas with their brunch, they’re only 3 euro each! They also offer tasty pastries and desserts so save space for their cinnamon bun with or without icing.


Date Night


Remember when the cute boy you liked in elementary school took you up to his tree house and planted a kiss on you? Yeah, us neither. But now you have the chance to make that a reality at Mano Cafe. Their cozy elevated seating area above the rest of the bar is the perfect place for a date night. Get there early to stake your claim on the secluded space and beware of climbing the stairs with a skirt on.

In the case you get there and it’s already occupied by some other Berlinerin who read this post, there are two non-smoking rooms and one smoking room to choose from and in nice weather there’s seating outside. The homey bar with mismatched couches and benches boast an extensive selection of hot drinks, beers and cocktails. It’s also a short walk from the Kreuzberg gem Hühnerhaus where you can woo your date with a tasty half chicken and fries before grabbing drinks.


Girls Night


Bohnengold is a great place to have a good time for a girls night out. On most nights the front room is packed with tables full of people catching up and enjoying cocktails. As you make your way further into the bar, where smoking is allowed, there are various table games to play. From Thursday to Saturday you can head downstairs where there are DJs spinning music for you to dance the night away to.

This is also one of the few bars whose set up can set you up with some light flirting at the bar or on the dance floor. Start up a conversation with the cute guy ordering next to you at the bar or holding up the wall downstairs, guys seem more open to chatting at this bar than most. On weekend nights there are bouncers at the door and there doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason on how they choose to let people in but despite the tough time at the door, admission is alway free.


Outdoor Activity Indoors


Spending time exploring Flohmarkts and outdoor vendors are a staple activity in Berlin but many are frequently deterred by cold and rainy weather. For those who want to browse various vendors without drudging through puddles or getting hit with umbrellas can do so at Markthalle Neun. The indoor hall features a full of variety of meats, cheeses, vegetables, prepared street food and more.

Markthalle Neun prides itself on offering the best selection of locally produced foods by people who love what they do. Stop in to not only shop for delicious eats but to experience the lively spirit of Berlin by chatting with the vendors or sharing a table with fellow visitors from all over the world. While the doors are generally open Monday to Friday from 12pm to 6pm and Saturday 10am to 6pm with extended hours until 10pm for Street Food Thursday, keep an eye on their website so that you don’t miss out on the special events they host like the Pasta Workshop or Breakfast Market.

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