Despite being commonly known as the district that “no one visits unless they live there,” Charlottenburg is full of historic places, premiere places to eat, and breathtaking designs. If you ever felt like you wanted a fancy night out and the bars in Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain just aren’t enough, then this is the district for you. So whether you live there or not, here are a few reasons that make going out in the district worthwhile:



Did someone say Instagram worthy interior and open 24/7? Benedict did. If you’re crazy about breakfast food and gorgeous wallpaper then this is the place for you. Not only do they specialize in their namesake Eggs Benedict, they have an extensive list of international and local style breakfast options: German, English, Korean, Texas, and the list goes on and on, including something called Egg Balls. There’s also a trendy cafe opposite of the restaurant with a pool table, merchandise counter, and seating area in between. Go forth, eat breakfast, snap selfies, tag us.

Day at the Park


What makes day drinking better than adding authentic Thai food to the mix? Originally named Preußenpark, this grassy field is now commonly known as Thaipark. Every weekend during the summer you’ll see a sea of multicolored umbrellas with vendors selling handmade drinks, fresh fruit, and Thai dishes hot out of the pan under them. Bring your blanket, fight for a spot in the shade, and get there before your favorite pad thai dish runs out.

Rooftop Hangout


Head inside the 25 hours hotel connected to Bikini Berlin and take an expedited elevator to Monkey bar. There’s an outdoor seating area with a view of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, the ruins of a church built in 1890, or hangout inside the chic lounge area. If you get hungry, no need to head downstairs, just walk across the hall to the NENI restaurant with views of the other side of Berlin.

Royal Palace


Home to former Brandenburg prince electors, Prussian kings and German emperor, the Schloss Charlottenburg is definitely a palace fit for a Berlinerin Queen. After destruction during World War II it was restored and furnished with impressive suites, high-quality art collections, and outstanding masterpieces that reflect the taste of its numerous inhabitants. You can revel in awe of the artwork, sculptures and interior design for a mere €17.

Special Occassion Splurge


Paris Bar is a top-tier nostalgic restaurant with a seamingly endless eclectic collection of artwork, posters, and memorabilia. It may not be your everyday eatery as most main dishes start at €30 (and peaks at €78 for the filet de boeuf). But there are occasions in life where you should dine at a restaurant with table cloths, order a cocktail and pricey dinner from a friendly waiter wearing a white button up, and enjoy the scenery.  #treatyoself

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