November: Marion Gravier Broodthuis

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Born and raised in France, Marion Gravier Broodthuis grew up surrounded by contemporary art, thanks to her father who was an international art dealer. After 10 years working in French media as a celebrity interviewer, she conceived an traveling gallery and a street-art jewelry brand so that art could come to the masses at an affordable price where they are in the city. Get to know Marion and Renk’art, her street art jewelry brand made right here in Berlin:

What inspired you to create Renk’Art?

I used to be a journalist and created video contents in Paris, so actually the original idea of Renk’Art was for a TV show. I wanted to meet and introduce artists from the shadows – the ones that changed the face of the city: the street artists, the vandals, etc.
In 2019 I moved to Berlin, which changed everything.

Berlin has totally refined this concept to its final evolution: a street art jewelry brand, but also a crazy itinerant gallery made on an old red Coca Cola cargo bike with a great selection of urban artists.

For the jewelry it’s pretty simple, I have always been surrounded by street artists and had already noticed in Paris that, at some points, the paintings were literally crushing down under their own weight. I thought it was really interesting. After coming to Berlin, I found more of that here, directly on THE Wall! I made a pair of earrings for myself and then it just got crazy! People were stopping me on the street asking where I got those jewels. So I started to make more of them.

Avoir un Renkart in french means having a date, so I guess that it was just my way to surround people with more art, and at the same time, live my best life! And here I am! Berlinerin of the month! Oh gosh, I feel soooo excited!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

“Don’t wait too long!” Time is so fast and there are so many reasons or occasions to wait for. Sometimes we just need to jump into life without over thinking. So, don’t wait too long!

Oh! And there is also that sentence that my grandmother used to say all the time, I never heard it from anyone else and I love it so much: Un cul vu n’est pas perdu. I’ll let you the pleasure of translating.

What do you do when you need some inspiration?

Most of the time I ride my bike or go for a walk. Berlin is great for that between the canals, parks, and lakes it feels really rejuvenating being outside. Matching the rhythm of the nature is pretty important for me. Being outside with no real purpose except enjoying and discovering is always the best way the create opportunities or enjoy a slice of life.

To be honest, I also like to have a glass of red wine, a caipirinha, or do drugs when the opportunity arises. I mean, if you use good drugs – not in excess and at the right moment – it can be really inspiring. I am kind of nostalgic of that time when Paul Cezanne, Picasso, and André Breton were drinking absinthe and smoking opium in those thinkers groups. We are in Berlin, so I guess nobody will be shocked.

Renk’Art Jewelry

What is one thing you love about Berlin and what is something you would change?

What I love about Berlin is the ambient wildness! In Berlin everything is wild and everything can happen because no one is judging each others. So anyone can experiment with their own style, their own way, their own energy, and this is becoming pretty rare. All this leads to developing creativity and for me, this is the real plus of Berlin.

The only thing that I would change, if I had that power, is people stopped on both sides of the escalators. Sometimes I am late, (actually I am quite late all the time) and people are just waiting on both sides and it drives me crazy. (And you have to admit that the elevators in Berlin are slower then normal, no?)

What events or projects are you excited about in the next year?

It will be quite a big challenge forfme from 1st of November to February 29. I will settle in a real gallery located in Kreuzberg. I have Carte Blanche to do what I want, so I am creating a Designer Pop Up Shop with a great selection of artists, jewelers, stylists, and other hand made curiosity. From Berlin, of course, but also from all across Europe.

There are also going to be some workshops and other events, I want it to be a living space! If you’re reading this I invite you to pass by for a drink! The event will be held at Mariannenstrasse 28.

For Renk’Art, a lot of french journalists are interested in the jewelry so I hope the brand could be worldwide soon. There will be a lot of projects and collaborations across Europe, but it’s quite secret for now. You’re going to have to wait and see.

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