February: Melissa Sue

Berlinerin of the Month: Melissa Sue



Melissa Sue, originally from San Rafael Mendoza, Argentina, has been living in Berlin for almost two years. Inspired by a fashion book gifted from her mother, her love of fashion and design began when she a child. From designing dresses for dolls to illustrating outfits for herself, she decided to start her own illustration business. From fashion illustration to portraits, her creative talents are available to order through her website. Get to know February’s Berlinerin of the Month:


What drew you to Berlin?


Love. What else could it be? Love for adventures and culture, for discoveries and challenges, for the thrill of the unknown and the thirst for knowledge. I came with a plan that got absolutely dissolved in a matter of seconds (like plans usually do) and so I found myself confronting that scary but beautiful thought of getting to know yourself. I find Berlin to be a unique place to start that deep self-search that we all need at some point and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.


When did you discover your passion for illustration?


I think this happened as soon as I was able to move my hands. I come from a family of artists and talented people that have always given me, in one way or another, the drive to pursue my goals and overcome the obstacles that life can through at you. Illustration, or art, in a more accurate way of speaking, has always been in my blood and it is, by far, a way of living.


However, when it comes to personal style, I discover my passion for fashion and portrait illustration with ink and watercolours, not long ago and by mistake. While making a fashion design for an Argentinean fashion brand I dropped the water that was cleaning my pencils and this was it. I had found myself in that “accident”.


What do you do when you need some inspiration?


I meet people, really. People are always the best way to find inspiration for me. I encounter people to be unique and special in so many ways that the difference and contrast between them and how society sees them is the source of most of my pieces.




What’s an unusual talent that should be on your resume?


I am a passionate fiction/fantasy writer with a past filled with teenage love poems and a bunch of songs. Guessing I’m not the only one that dedicated a few words to a lost young love. But to be honest, I have always loved writing and I am planning on continuing with this art, together with my Illustration career.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten?


It will sound totally cliché but, “never give up, you’ve got this” is definitely the best advice I’ve been given by other people and myself. It is known that reaching certain goals can be difficult, particularly with artistic paths, and so I find this to be the most important quote one can hear, remember and constantly apply.


What do you have in the works for 2018?
I have recently opened an online store where people can find my work ready to be framed and shipped worldwide. Currently expanding the variety of collections available and aiming to publish my work on other platforms as well.
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