December: Maria-Christina Tsitsopoulos

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Maria-Christina Tsitsopoulos, born and raised in London to Greek parents, always grew up with the feeling of a Third Culture Kid. With a passion for traveling, community and people she has visited over 31 countries in the last 3 years and lived in 4. In the summer of 2018 she started noticing all the signs that pointed her in the direction of the vibrant and exciting city of Berlin. After building startup communities as part of Techstars and Startup Weekend for the last 5 years she has recently turned her attention directly to the people. Her recent venture and passion project karpouzi, co-created with her boyfriend, helps people to re-connect with themselves and as she likes to call it ‘fall in love with themselves.’ Named karpouzi – ‘watermelon’ in Greek – because it reminds the couple of their favourite time of year. Read more about Maria-Christina and the project she’s excited to share with the world.

What drew you to Berlin?

Perhaps this might not be the most usual first response, but for me it was the people. Already knowing a few awesome people here, as well as other people forming part of an extended community, was a big draw for me. I was getting to a point where I felt I really needed to be surrounded by a close knit and inspiring group of people and Berlin seemed to be the right place at the right time. I was also very drawn to the energy of the city. Its vibrant nature, the endless opportunities and lists of exciting events and activities – and the way it really felt like anything can be possible in this city.

What inspired you to start working on karpouzi? 

It was a sequence of events that led to this passion project. My boyfriend and I wanted to create something together where we could really help people re-connect to themselves and create a perfect space for them to do so. Both being extremely passionate in the field of personal development and growth, we have seen how fundamental certain approaches are in our own relationship to create the level of trust, intimacy and openness that we have between us and we wanted to share this with the world. After a year of very intensive personal experiences, together and individually, it felt like the perfect development for both of us and a chance for both of us to try out our superpowers together.

What do you do when you need some inspiration? 

Talk to some of the most inspiring people and friends I know. Read some of my favourite inspiration blogs or watch a few TED talks on topics that I know inspire me. I have to also confess I am a sucker for good quotes!


What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

Don’t take yourself, or life, too seriously.” “Do what you need to do so that you have no regrets.” “Feel the fear and do it anyway!”

What’s an unusual talent that should be on your resume? 

My strange but cool ability to recall conversations with people almost word for word. And maybe my homemade Spinach Pie?!

What’s at the top of your Berlin bucket list? 

To take the cruise tourist boat down the river. I heard it’s very good! But will have to wait until next summer for that now… Oh, and perhaps to get into Berghain. I mean, you have to do that once in your Berlin life right?!

The next karpouzi event will take place the weekend of December 7-9th and there’s one double bedroom still available! Whether you’re interested in joining solo or as a pair of friends or a couple visit their site to grab the last room!
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