April: Aïssa Sica


Aïssa Sica, originally from Nantes, France, has been making her mark in Berlin for almost a year. After traveling throughout Germany she decided to settle in Berlin due to its diversity and vibrant spirit. Based on her experiences while traveling throughout Europe, Aïssa started her blog Black and Brown Women to share more authentic and personal experiences of women of color. Get to know April’s Berlinerin of the Month:

What drew you to Berlin?

I was in Hamburg before and I wanted to live in another part of Germany. I lived 2 months in Stuttgart, 1 year in West Germany, 6 months in Hamburg. I found Hamburg pretty boring and wanted something different. I thought that coming to Berlin was the right choice to experience how is it to live in the East Germany even if it might be a biased experience. There are a lot of international people, people are more open-minded, there are a lot of events, that was what I was looking for.

What’s an unusual talent that should be on your resume?

I think the languages I speak. I speak fluently French, English and Italian. For German I don’t really know, people can understand when I speak but I will not say that I am fluent. And yet I am learning Spanish. I am pretty good at learning languages, because to me it is way to travel, to understand people’s cultures and open your mind.

What current project are you working on?

I am working on my blog, talking about black and mixed women, about their lives experiences, how they deal with a lot of issues that affect the afro-descendants.


What made you decided to start Black & Brown Women?

I decided to start this blog because I’ve experienced a lot of street harassment in Naples. Some African women are, unfortunately, prostitutes and a lot of men when they see a black woman walking alone, they think that she is a prostitute. I was the embodiment of the Black Angry woman.

What’s at the top of your Berlin bucket list?

The Egyptian Museum of Berlin. When I was young I was so fascinated about the pyramids, their culture, their religious rituals, their beauty. I am looking forward to visiting it. I think I will stay all day.

If you could change one thing about Berlin what would it be?

It looks like there is some distant between the expats and the locals. So I would make sure that locals and expats mix more.

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