Why Don’t Men Approach Women in Public Spaces?

I think most men don’t approach women in public spaces because they don’t even believe that this is possible. They never did it, they don’t know anyone who ever did it and they know even less men who met nice women by approaching them in public spaces. Most men meet and approach women through their social circle, work, Uni, online or drunk in a club or bar.

I think approaching women in a bar or club is more socially accepted in a man’s head than on the street or subway because these places are supposed to be social places. And no one tells you anything different…

I didn’t learn it school and my father never taught me how to approach a woman. The only reference most men have is the response of this beautiful girl in the bar they approached after 7 beers and after 20 other drunk idiots asked her the same stupid questions and surprisingly that didn’t end up well.

I thought so too until a good friend of mine told me about a book where men learn how to approach women in public. I must have been around 19 years old at that time. Reading this blew my mind and changed the way I saw the world.

So might it really be possible that it’s not forbidden to talk to a stranger in the street?

I pussied out many times but sometimes I was brave (or desperate) enough to talk to a woman I really liked in the street or subway station and the worst response I ever got was, “that’s really nice of you but I have a boyfriend.” Surely this was just an excuse in most cases but no one ever tried to hurt my feelings or told me I was being rude or offensive. Most girls seemed surprised and flattered and complimented me for my braveness.

The first time I actually went on a date with a woman I approached in daylight on the street changed my life. So something like this really is possible!

I have to say the most amazing women I’ve ever dated in my life (including my girlfriend today) are the ones I approached on the street. You see their real beauty during the daylight, both of you are sober so surely she will remember you if you call the next day. All the losers are on tinder or getting drunk and brave in the club so you don’t even have a lot of competition in the “real world”.

And if she nexts you, you just keep on going your way and don’t have to see her the whole night on the dance floor.

I think it’s an ability you have to practice your whole life and even after approaching 1,000 girls you are still nervous, especially if you want to approach someone you really like. But the one you really like is surely even more scared to approach you than you are.

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