Ask Hans



The men in Berlin are harder to figure out than a double-sided Rubik’s Cube. So we have solicited the help of a guy named Hans to answer our questions to help us gain a better understanding of Berlin men. These are real answers from a fake profile.

Meet Hans: He just moved to Berlin after traveling the world for several years. He refuses to meet you in Friedrichshain because he heard it’s “too touristy”. Even though he won’t admit it, he’s debating on whether he should grow his hair out long enough for a man bun. You can find him playing Fußball with his friends every weekend, sipping beers at a craft brewery or planning his next trip to a country you’ve never heard of. He’s still waiting for you to accept his invitation to come to his house so that you can drink wine while he shows you his favorite new documentary on Netflix. Let Hans give you invaluable insight on the brain of Berlin men.

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