Inside Berlin Sex Clubs

You may have heard the tales of long nights in dark rooms where hands mysteriously come at you from all directions ready to feel you up. If you’ve never been to a Berlin sex club before your imagination may run wild about body fluid filled floors and sex acts happening everywhere you look. But after visiting several fetish parties myself — and living to talk about it — the anticipation of going inside may be worse than the act itself. That’s why I’m demystifying what it’s really like to go inside some of the best Berlin sex clubs.

Thoughts of a club filled with black light massacres in every room may leave you thinking, “This type of place definitely isn’t for me.” But that’s the thing about Berlin sex clubs, they’re for everyone.

Even if you’re not into fetish wear, don’t want people seeing you naked, and especially don’t want to feel pressured into joining in, it’s still totally possible for you to have a good time. The important thing to know about each of these clubs is that no means no. If you’re ever made to feel uncomfortable or violated by someone inside, the club’s security takes that very seriously and will remove the offender.

So all you have to worry about is dressing up in a way that makes you feel comfortable, wait in the queue, and once you’re inside enjoy the open experience. While there are more fetish parties in Berlin than dentists, here are three parties for every level of kinkiness that you’re into:

Berlin sex club
Featured image by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

House of Red Doors

House of Red Doors, usually held at the event space Zur wilden Renate, is a themed party filled with theatrical decorations, and performances. In what the creators, Bad Bruises, describe as “some of Berlin’s sexiest, surreal, and most bizarre events” each party stands out with a mythical theme (like their annual Midsummer Dream party).

While the venue is open for you to explore each room, and other people, it’s a great place to start if you want to have an easygoing experience as the main focus is on the themes, costumes, and performances. The downside is that these event don’t happen regularly so you’ll have to keep an eye on their event page to make sure you don’t miss out.


Pornceptual is a monthly, or sometimes bi-monthly, fetish party held during the warm weather months. This Berlin sex club ups the fetish vibes with rooms filled with little cubbies meant for participation and privacy — the walls, and seats, are covered with durable, black plastic for sitting…and other stuff. There’s usually two levels to make your way through with each room playing different tempos of techno music. Along with bars on each floor there are fun activities to take part in like an ice cream or lollipop stand, a massage room, and more depending on the event.

Then, there’s of course, the dark room, where the further you go inside, the harder it is to see. Like, you can’t even see your hand in front of your face. But you may feel hands rubbing your arms, an unspoken invitation to be intimate with someone. Again, you’re always empowered to say no and push the floating hand away. There are enough people in the party looking for sex that the person will just move on. But if you are interested in more than stumbling around in the dark, make your way to swing in the dark room — it’s red lit and the perfect spot for voyeurism.

A bit of good news for those who move between Berlin and London, you can find a Pornceptual party there as well.

Berlin sex club
Image by metawlad via unsplash


After taking several friends for their first KitKat experience I’ve seen a range of reactions: some people are overwhelmed to see so many sex acts in succession and others who found out their perception of the club was worse than the reality. Either way, it’s my favorite Berlin sex club out of the three.

Not only can you depend on it to be there every week, and nearly every day — there are parties on every day that doesn’t start with T — there are three levels with endless rooms to explore, from the abandoned medical equipment in the basement to the swing on the dance floor. Each evening also has a theme from Electric Monday to CarneBall Saturday where as long as you’re wearing black, or the three Ls (leather, lace, or latex) you’re dressed for the event. At KitKat you can come in black underwear, a full tuxedo, a leash and collar, or an Elizabethan costume and always fit in.

While there are special events which get a bit more intense (such as the Apokolipstick night at KitKat which features BDSM performances with cutting and suspension) there are other nights when the club is filled with partygoers who are looking to put on a performance of their own and join in the action. Bonus: if you arrive before 2 am you can watch the live band playing by the pool.

I think, if you’re curious, you should check out one of these parties at least once to see if it’s the kind of scene you’re into. Don’t let any tale you hear keep you from visiting a Berlin sex club. Once you get inside, you may be (pleasantly) surprised and find that it’s not as bad as you thought it would be.

I hope these stories help make you feel more comfortable with trying out a Berlin sex club. If you’ve already been, I would love to hear your experiences or questions.

And if you’re ever looking for a guide to a Berlin sex club, let me know, but keep in mind there’s only one question I can’t answer — what’s really in the pool at KitKat?

Featured image by Pavel Nekoranec

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