New Holidays For Berlin

By Katrin Ziegler

May is finally here, folks! Labor Day, Ascension Day, Whit Monday – we love May! Unfortunately we have to wait several months, until we can experience the joy of a holiday again – until the day of the German reunification in October to be precise (editor’s hint: consider moving to Bavaria, you will have an additional holiday in August – Assumption Day).

Thus, I would like to propose a selection of additional holidays for Berlin – that seem definitely necessary in my opinion.

BER Opening Day

As it seems quite unlikely that the new airport will open at any point, it should definitely come with a holiday if it happens. The free day could not only be used to marvel at the magnificent piece or architecture, but also to ponder the existence of German efficiency.

Berghain Day

Ideally this day is not tied to a specific date but can be used as a „wild card“ for everyone registered in Berlin in order to go to Berghain or any other club of your choice. This city parties until dawn and Berliners should have the opportunity to indulge in this tradition without the typical weekend crowd and without having to worry about going to work hungover the next day.

Queuing Day

In Berlin you always have to wait for something – the U-Bahn, the queue in front of Berghain, the Registration Office or to be seated. In order to make up for the lost time waiting with everybody else in Berlin, and their dog, we definitely need an extra day.


Just to celebrate how awesome this city is.

Any other great holidays you think we deserve? We’d love to hear your suggestions. Meanwhile, we will get the Tofurkey ready for Berlinsgiving.

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