First Date Locations

After a recent fiasco during a date, which I considered to be a creative first date idea, I came to realize that I should probably spend more time thinking about appropriate first date locations and their advantages and disadvantages. Because even though we quickly judge an invitation to a local neighborhood bar as boring, it might not be such a bad idea, given the possible alternatives.

So here we go – I tried to think of every possible setting, but if I forgot a location, let me know! 🙂



Pros: It’s a good setting to actually have a conversation with your date and get to know them better. Plus, you get to drink.
Cons: You probably drink too much.



Pros: N/A
Cons: Maybe it’s because I have difficulties eating in front of other human beings that aren’t my friends or family – but I seriously cannot find any positive aspects about a first date at a restaurant. You have to eat in front of people and probably make a mess while eating your spaghetti. An awkward situation will most likely occur when it comes to paying: Do you expect your date to cover for the entire expenses on the first date? Do you split the bill? And then after – do you just walk your separate ways? If not, do you really want to end up in a hot make out/sex session after you just stuffed yourself with an entire pizza? So many questions!



Pros: It’s very casual and relaxed. You will most likely get the chance to see the person during the day light and sober. It’s going well? Great, coffee dates are easy to extend and you can suggest to do something else after. Your date is Mister McHorrible? No worries, you have another appointment after and really can’t stay much longer.
Cons: Is it even a date?


Your place

Pros: You don’t need to go out.
Cons: How the f-ck do you get them out of your apartment if you don’t like them?


Their place

Pros: You can leave whenever you want and don’t need to worry about throwing someone out of your own place.
Cons: You might get murdered.



Pros: It’s a good activity for conversations and you will most likely get to see the person during the daylight. There won’t be any awkward moments regarding who pays what.
Cons: If you don’t find anything to talk about, the date will end up being a giant awkward walk of silence.



Pros: It’s basically a stroll but you can eliminate the possibility of awkward silence by pretending you marvel at the masterpieces in front of you.
Cons: From the Deutsches Technikmuseum to the Currywurstmuseum – the possibilities are vast and the chances that you make a good choice for the both of you are small.


The Movies

Pros: There are not a lot of ways to screw this one up. No awkward silence moments at all.
Cons: You don’t really get the chance to talk to your date, so by the end of the day you probably won’t be any wiser on whether you like them or not. Plus there’s lots of pressure on the movie choice.


The Park

Pros: See Coffee.
Cons: Is the person who’s coming over to you guys the creep you went on a date with three days ago?


The Beach

Pros: See Coffee plus it’s romantic.
Cons: There is no beach in Berlin, stupid!



Pros: You tackle the awkwardness right away plus if you’re determined, you can practice the song of your choice (David Bowie) in advance and rock that shit!
Cons: There is a lot of pressure on your choice of song. And your performance.



Pros: You see what you get immediately.
Cons: The One In The Sauna


Helicopter Ride

Pros: It’s pretty unique and you get to enjoy nice views.
Cons: You’ll be trapped in a helicopter with a potential ass / creep / murderer. Chances that it’s Christian Grey are pretty small.


To be fair, the ideal first date location might also depend on what you are looking for. While maybe your friend has had a great experience with karaoke, you might have left the bar while your date was performing on stage. Maybe you just have to go out there and make your own experiences. Just don’t pick the sauna.

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